All Seasons Taxidermy

Owner: John Glassburn

  My interest in taxidermy had its roots in my love for the outdoors. I have enjoyed fishing since catching my first fish at the age of three. Over the years, my main interests in fishing have become, bass fishing in state and out, and walleye fishing on the maumee river.
  My interest in hunting began early also. My dad, granddad, and uncle got me intested in archery at an early age. I got a longbow and used to target shoot with them as often as they would let me. I started hunting with them at age 14 on their annual trip to the western end of Michigan's upper peninsula. We would deer hunt mornings and evenings, and sometimes rabbit hunt mid-day. I purchased a bow when I was 15 and started bowhunting deer around home at the urging of some of my classmates at school. I took a doe that first year, which hooked me on hunting for life!
  A friend of mine started messing around with taxidermy about this time, and after watching him on a few projects, my interest was sparked. I purchased some of the few available books on taxidermy available at the time, and started doing some of my own projects. Shortly thereafter, family and friends started asking me to do projects for them. They in turn told friends, and they told their friends, and so on. By the time I graduated from high school, I was doing quite a bit of taxidermy for other people.
   I went to Western Michigan University for three years, pursuing a degree in computer science. At that point, with graduation looming, along with a job in the "Big City", I felt the good Lord pulling me in a different direction. While I'm sure my parents weren't overly pleased, I decided to drop out of college, and pursue a career in taxidermy.
  I signed up for a taxidermy school in Iowa and went there in the spring of 1988. I had also got accepted at a guide school in Colorado for the summer of 1988. After completing taxidermy school, they had me convinced that I could make a full time living just doing taxidermy, so I cancelled the guide school.
  For the next three years, I worked a full time factory job, while trying to build my taxidermy business in my free time. It was a LONG three years. At that point I was getting enough taxidermy work to pay my bills on a consistent basis, so I quit the factory job and have been a full time taxidermist ever since.